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Associates & Partners Welcome

Partner Program


Would you like to increase your customer base, or find a way to retain your existing customers & sales staff?

Perhaps your company could use another revenue stream?

Our Partner Program is the perfect fit for any sales organization looking to diversify, and it’s the best customer and sales rep retention program you’ll find.

We’ve partnered with merchant service providers (MSP’s), independent sales organizations (ISO’s), and other large sales entities, to give their customers a service that it timely, affordable & unique, while offering their field reps the ability to capture 2 sales and 2 income streams.

No more slashing prices to secure a sale! Your sales force can now offer something that your competition doesn’t have and you can maintain your profit margins!

Keep your clients and sales team happy!

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Associates Program


Are you interested in a new career, or a way to supplement your existing income?

With you have the ability to build a book of business that will bring you up-front income, as well as a monthly, residual income, so you can live and enjoy your life!

We’re always on the look out for positive and self-motivated individuals that would make a great addition to our sales staff.

Contact us today, to set up an appointment for an interview to become a sales associate, and represent a company that is committed to excellence, integrity & success!

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